3. Chti Cup cancelled

Submitted by Uwe Schlaffke-… on Sun, 06/14/2020 - 23:41

Due to the low number of registered pilots, we are forced to cancel our competition. We will proceed with the reimbursement of the pilots who paid. We hope to organize a 2021 edition in better conditions.

Dear pilots,

We decided to maintain the Chti Cup following some exchanges with the French federation.
They confirmed us that there is no problem to organize such a competition beginning of September.Indeed, if the organisation of competitions was not authorised in France a few days ago, the end of the emergency health state in France had been declared July 10th and so there is no more constraint.

In case of some changes would happen within the next few weeks, we would of course have to potentially cancel the Chti Cup. On the other hand, even if the Covid19 epidemic is now well controlled, we know that the virus is still circulating and that common sense precautions must be followed to ensure the health safety of a competition like the Chti Cup. It is essentially a matter of respecting a minimum distance of 1m between people, wearing a protective mask and use hydroalcoholic gel after each flight.Compliance with these constraints seems perfectly possible in the context of a F3B competition.Regarding the competitors, we think it is possible to respect a one meter distance rule (french recommandation) without too much difficulties.

Regarding the exchange of equipment, the case will often arise: launch of gliders, recovery of parachutes, flags for announcement of departures in distance, etc. To do this, we will provide both disinfectant products for equipment such as flags and hydroalcoholic gel for hand cleaning after a glider launch or parachute recovery. Hydroalcoholic gel will be provided for free to the competitors by the organization. Protective masks will also be provided for free to the competitors on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. We believe that we can count on the responsibility of each of the competitors and organizers to respect the basic “social distancing” rules so that everyone can feel safe during the competition.

We would appreciate if all the competitors can pay for the registration fee before August 15th.This amount of money would be reimboursed in case of the competition is cancelled for any reason. Please update the F3B.de database in case of you don’t want to participate finally. This is very important for the organizers of the competition.

We would like to have a minimum of 25 participants and 35 would be perfect. Don’t hesitate to register ASAP.

Breakfast is offered by the club on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Lunch (8euros) and Dinner (10euros) are also available on request.Camping on the airfield is possible even if there is only one toilet and one tank of water. Several hotels are located nearby (less than 15mn by car). You will find them on Websites such as Booking, Tripadvisor, etc...For example:

We remind you that the F3G category is opened for registration (no cost for the pilot if he is already registered for the F3B contest).

With kind regards F3B.de -team