• Thomas Dylla | 04/16/2019

    We have updated the Bulletin for 1.st Denmark Open with the following things:

    • The price for camping on the airfield is lowered to 18,- EUR for 2 nights pr. Person, after conversation with the local glider club. Registered pilots who already paid for camping on the field will get the difference from the old price back.
    • The Local Rule about winch batteries is removed, because FAI asked us to not make any local rule on the Battery type in a World Cup competition.
    • Jury members updated with Lasse Pedersen.

    BR From Denmark

  • Thomas Dylla | 03/05/2019

    Soon the first FAI-World Cup competition takes place; the time-table is published and everybody can register when the registration is opened at F3B.de.
    During the CIAM-meeting in April the new soaring class “E F3B” will be introduced as a “Provisional Class”.
    To promote this new class I contacted the different organizers of the FAI-World Cup competitions F3B to asked if it´s possible that pilots with E F3B-models can take part in different groups and with a different ranking at their competitions.

  • Thomas Dylla | 03/05/2019

    The Worldcup competition in Colmar has to change the date, because of activities of the militäry in beginning of april.
    Family Krust has got the airfield for the date: 15. 16. of June instead.
    So the first competition in this year is the Kirchheim open at 27. and 28. of April.
    Please check the entry-area http://am-contest.eu/de (the Hohenstoffelncup is open) and https://www.f3xvault.com for the World Cup competition Denmark. (Entry is possible already)

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