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Actual ranking after the 5th International F3B Cup:

Michael Wohlfahrt
Eurotourmanager F3B


9. Kirchheim Open


posted by U.Trautwein


News concerning the FAI World Cup-competitions F3B

For your information a refreshed paper concerning the FAI World Cup-series F3B.

R. Decker
World Cup Koordinator F3B


Registration procedure for the F3B-Competitions 2012

• The „Online-Registration“ for each competition starts normally on Monday ten weeks prior the competition-date; the exact date is fixed in the announced time-table (Start of online registration).

• The pilots are numbered according to the sequence of there registration. If the maximum number of pilots is limited by the organizer then the registration-list is divided in two parts; the lower part shows the pilots on the “waiting-list”. When the registration of a competition is online a „two-week-period“ starts; this „two-week-period“ is followed by other „two-week-periods“. During each of these „two-week-periods“ the following procedure is taken:

• The pilots which are in the upper part of the registration-list must have paid there entry-fee during the „two-week-period“; important is the date of the incoming payment. The pilots on the “waiting-list” do not pay. The pilot who pays in advance will get no advantage.

• During this „two-week-period“, the organizer marks the pilots which have paid.

• Pilots which are in the upper part of the registration-list but did not pay in the „two-week-period“ are shifted to the end of the “waiting-list”; the order of these pilots will be preserved. The same number of pilots is shifted from the “waiting-list” to the upper part of the registration-list.

• For the pilots which are now in the upper part of the registration-list, but have not yet paid the upon listed procedures will be taken.

• This „two-week-period“-procedure will be proceeded until the registration-deadline of the competition is reached.

• If a pilot who has paid his entry fee declares more than two weeks before the competition that he will not take part, he will get back a part of his entry fee; the organizer will deduct an allowance of € 15.00. If the cancellation is later there will be no repayment of the entry fee.

R. Decker
World Cup Coordinator F3B


F3B World-Cup Competitions 2012

The F3B-saison 2012 starts in two months.

This season there is the possibility of an online-registration for all competitions organized in Europe,
the start dates of the online-registration are listed in the time-table. The registration for the World Cup-competitions in overseas
must be done directly via the published addresses.

Please be so kind before registration to update the frequency data and add the FAI-license number and the date of birth in the data bank.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

I wish you a successful season 2012 without any damages.

R. Decker
World Cup Coordinator F3B


F3B World-Cup Competitions 2012

The dates for the F3B World-Cup competitions 2012 are now fixed, with this information everybody has now the
opportunity to plan his dates in time.


I am sure, that for many of you the rules for the World-Cup competitions are unknown, in these rules a point-system
is used instead of the percentage based ranking. In a short article (Link) I have tried to point out the most important things.

If there are any questions left, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Because two competitions are very early in 2012 we want to call attention to these events.
Who is interested to take part at these competitions will find detailed information under.

"Gator F3B" in Orlando Florida, USA (02.03-04.03.2012)


"Milang F3B 2012" in Adelaide, AUS (23.03.-25.03.2012)


Ralf Decker
World Cup Coordinator F3B

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